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Andravory Exploration Expedition 2015


The Sorata Massif is an unprotected area located in the North of Madagascar. The massif contains an isolated rainforest block (known locally as 'Andravory'. This area contains unique habitats and several unclimbed peaks which remain unexplored.


The primary aim of this expedition is to undertake the first biological inventory of the area and camera trap to record the presence of larger species. We aim to prove the biological worth of the area through the discovery of species new to science and the proof of valued known species in order to persuade the government of the need for greater protection of this unique habitat.


Trekking unsupported, this experienced team of mountaineers and scientists will aim to access on foot and survey this unknown area.



Welcome to Andravory 2015

"Specialists in remote biodiversity exploration"

The Adravory 2015 expedition is an initiative of the ridge2reef trust (charity registration: 1149283)

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